Description (Edition 4th)

01 December / 10 December

Bajo Nuestra Piel International Film Festival on Human Rights, is a project that aims to generate a debate and reflective space on Human Rights topics through the artistic representation in documental, fiction and animation format, of critical, socially compromised and quality cinema.


Feature film awards in competition:

-Grand Prize for Best Feature Film

-Special Mention of the Jury

Short film awards in competition:

-Grand Prize for Best Short Film

-Special Mention of the Jury

Independent awards:

Bolivian and international institutions whose work is directly related to the areas described below will be responsible for selecting the film that best represents each human right.

-Best film on human rights

-Best film on women's rights

-Best film on children's rights

-Best film on LGBT rights

-Best film in sustainable development


* Applicable to the entire Official Selection

The public attending the festival will be able to award the Audience Award for a feature and a short film of the entire Official Selection by means of voting tickets. 


All filmmakers may participate (Nationals or foreigners)

The 4th Human Rights International Film Festival BAJO NUESTRA PIEL will be held from Saturday 1st until Monday 10th of December 2018 in the city of La Paz, Bolivia.

The inscription of your film (short or full-length) is not subject to any costs.

Festival replicas: 

The parallel actions of this 4th edition, that will be taking place between January and August 2019, will have some films screened that are or were part of the Official Selection on a tour through different cities, towns and communities in Bolivia. These will be accompanied by a cinema-forum including human rights specialists. (As it occurred in the 3th edition: Bajo Nuestra Piel Film Week in Tarija / Oruro / Potosí / Camiri / Coroico / Huacaraje / Bermejo and our special exhibitions in schools, universities, rural communities, prisons and rehabilitation centers for young people). 

You will be informed in advance, to the email you provide, should your film be selected to participate in this tour.


Films sent for selection must meet the following criteria:

Be related to the education, promotion and / or violation of Universal Human Rights (as adopted by the Organisation des Nations Unies [UN]) in general and / or in particular.

Possibly be related to topics such as Education and Sustainable Development (as proposed by UNESCO).

Have been registered for your selection by filling in the registration form.

Sent to the email address indicated at the end of the registration form.

Have been produced during the twenty-four months previous to the Festival (after December 1st, 2016).

If the movie has been sent and / or projected during previous editions of Bajo Nuestra Piel, it can’t be registered again.

Films that respect the aims of the Festival as defined in Article 1.


The registration deadline finishes on October 31, 2018, Hrs 23:59 (GMT -4, La Paz, Bolivia). It is mandatory to complete and validate the registration form before this date.

The deadline for submitting film support requested for the selection is on November 1st, 2018, Hrs 23:59 (GMT -4, La Paz, Bolivia).


A feature film or documentary must last more than 60 minutes while a short film or documentary must last 30 minutes maximum (including credits)

The Festival does not accept films whose duration is between 30 and 60 minutes.

4. Viewing criteria for selection:

All films must be presented in their original language ("original language" is understood as the language in which a film is or will be exhibited in its country of origin). It is for the Selection Committee to decide whether or not a film that does not exactly meet this criteria may participate in the Festival.

For the Selection Committee to be able to watch the film, subtitles should be presented as follows:

Movies with dialogues in Spanish: Preferably with English subtitles on the copy.

+ electronic subtitles in Spanish *

Movies whose dialogues are in a language different than Spanish: Spanish subtitles on the copy.

+ electronic subtitles in English *

*electronic subtitles are not required, but could be requested if the film is selected for the COMPETITION category.

The subtitling expenses will be covered by the film producer.

Electronic subtitles are understood as the additional digital text file containing the time codes with each dialog corresponding to the film in .srt or .sub formats.



You will be notified before the official press conference, which takes place around mid-November 2018, in case of which we request confidentiality. 

Once selected, no movie can be removed from the program.

Regardless of the film support (mini DV, super 8, 35mm, etc.) only films matching the following characteristics will be accepted:

Video format MP4 (H.264) in HD (from 1080 x 720 pixels to 3840 x 2160 pixels if possible).

It is suggested to encode the video with a constant bit-rate and with 24, 25 or 30 progressive frames per second.

The audio, video and subtitles must be contained in a single file and the file size must not exceed 10 GB. (electronic subtitles in an extra file in .srt or .sub format)

The file name must not include any special characters. Do not use, for example, any file name such as: "myfilm! @ &% $ § * ().mp4".

The film must be sent once and in a single file.

We ask you to send a trailer of the film in a H264 file in HD of no more than 3 minutes of length, to be used only for the purpose of promoting the exhibition. (If the trailer is not sent, then whoever holds the rights to the film authorizes the selection of a fragment from the work, being a three- minute fragment max, or 10% of the total duration, for its dissemination as information material to be used for promotional purposes.)

We ask you to send a poster of the film, in a JPEG or TIFF file, 60 cm. x 100 cm 300 dpi minimum. (If the poster is not sent, whoever holds the rights to the film authorizes the use of a fragment of the work for dissemination as an informative graphic material to be used for promotional purposes.)

We ask you to send a photograph of the film in a digital JPEG format (720x576 pixels minimum) as an attached document for publication in the Festival Catalog.

We ask you to send a photograph of the filmmaker or filmmakers in a JPEG digital format (720x576 pixels minimum) as an attached document for possible publication in the Festival Catalog.

Please send us a digital copy of the identity document of the owner of the rights to the film.


You will receive a digital certification of your participation in the 4th Human Rights International Film Festival BAJO NUESTRA PIEL.


The films selected for this exhibition may be shown in the planned festival tour and special screenings, always for cultural, solidary, educational or training purposes without profit.

All copies of the films presented at the exhibition, whether or not selected, will become a part of the Organization's Media Library.

The editorial content of the catalog is the responsibility of the Festival Organization.

Any person or institution interested in acquiring a copy of any of the films will be put in direct contact with whoever holds the film rights, leaving the organization outside of any commercial transaction.

Participant responsibilities:

Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of all the aforementioned regulations and the pre-selection conditions.

In case the submitted works include author's music, they must have the respective rights and / or give the appropriate credit to the authors of the music tracks.

Whoever holds the film rights must have the licenses, copyrights, copy lefts and rights over the images, sounds or any other intellectual property right that has been used for the film realization.

Whoever holds the rights to the film agrees to send the registration form as a sworn statement, which holds the rights and authorizations and the acceptance of conditions.

This regulation applies to the entire Official Selection: Features in Competition, Short Films in Competition and Out of Competition.

In case there are questions or doubts regarding these regulations, we kindly ask to get in touch with the festival organization: 




Phone: (+591) 79507598 / (+591) 77703196

Address: Cinemateca Boliviana, La Paz, Bolivia